Asclera treatment

Asclera treatment

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Asclera-iconWhen blood circulation is poor, there is a possibility for the veins to thicken with blood. These veins are generally called varicose veins. Inflamed veins that are smaller and less visible are known as spider veins. Varicose and spider veins can manifest in any part of the body, although they are usually seen in the legs and thighs. The appearance of these veins is a common occurrence in pregnant women, people who spend a lot of time standing, and those who suffer from obesity. There are a variety of treatments for varicose and spider veins, one of which is theAsclera Polidocanol Injection.

The Asclera Polidocanol Injection was recently approved in the United States primarily as a spider vein treatment. However, the injection also works on varicose veins with diameters less than 4mm. WhenAsclera is introduced to the thickened vein, the polidocanol it contains causes the deterioration of the vessel’s inner walls. The destroyed lining makes the walls adhere to each other, which in turn contracts the space inside the vein. Eventually, the entire vessel would be closed off and consequently lose function. The dead vein becomes connective tissue between the other blood vessels.

This spider vein treatment usually takes around half an hour, but the veins only disappear completely between a period of two to twelve weeks. Often, a patient would have to return for more sessions, because varicose and spider veins usually cover big areas in the lower extremities.  There is a possibility that new veins would thicken again, so maintenance injections are needed after a few years have passed since the initial polidocanol injection.

Since the cosmetic enhancement procedure is non-invasive, the recovery from the spider vein treatment doesn’t take a lot of time. Patients are able to go about their regular activities almost immediately after the process. The use of compression stockings during recuperation might be suggested by the physician in order to speed up the recovery period.

As with any procedure, the Asclera polidocanol injection also carries certain risks. Potential side effects include swelling, irritation and bruising in the target area. There is a possibility that particular tissues would be damaged and contract infections as well. Patients can also experience pain and discomfort during and after the spider vein treatment, although the Asclera polidocanol injection is said to be less painful than its counterparts.

Before deciding whether to go for the Asclera spider vein treatment, it is advisable to consult with a doctor first. Apart from receiving a primer on the treatment, it is also important to determine whether a patient has allergies to polidocanol or to other ingredients contained in the injection. Moreover, pregnant women and those suffering from certain medical conditions are not ideal candidates for the polidocanol injection.

The Asclera injection has enjoyed a high rate of success, most especially in Europe where it has been used in the last four decades. It is expected to gain popularity in the United States now that it has been approved for public use.

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